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If you have an idea or a commission request please come up with as much of a completed idea as possible and send me an inquiry. I will get back as soon as I possibly can with a quote and timeframe as well as availability. Any other questions or comments, please feel free to visit one of my many social media pages and DM.

Commission rates depend on quantity, output, time, characters, and detail.

For booking inquiries and appearance requests, please send in dates and accommodations. Jason has performed across America, been a part of numerous conventions and events, participated in free comic book day, is available for travel, and has current paperwork/passport.


Do you ship internationally?

-Unfortunately, no. Shipping costs and travel of delicate items has become too much of a problem in regards to condition and time of shipment vs cost of the product. I offer a range of options in print shops online and digital commissions that can be emailed to ANYONE for their use as they see fit

What won’t you draw?

-Sexually explicit drawings (beyond tasteful nudes and pinup), Political (including satire), Radical causes (pertaining to groups deemed as possibly threatening, harmful, hateful, or destructive), religious art (including satire), shaming/hate/realistic violence, anything meant to cause or illicit adverse reaction. Keep in mind, what’s funny to you may not be to others and asking someone to draw your controversial idea regardless of your beliefs could damage the reputation of an artist or cause them to lose clients.

Are you the guy that…?

-Yes and no. There have been many legends and myths surrounding my artwork and while some have gone viral others became legend. I never worked for any of the companies I may draw in the style of or depict and have simply created as a fan artist for fans.

Can you draw my original character?

-Yes! I have seen several artists that refuse to do this but I welcome it. Send me an idea or rough sketch and I can bring them to life! You own the rights to your character and the artwork I provide.

Who owns the artwork after the Commission? Do you lease artwork?

-My commissions are created for and used only for the person commissioning them and once delivered become property of the client to use as they see fit. I do not lease artwork unless it’s for a major corporation and licensing contracts are involved. Private commissions are owned by the client upon payment and the artist reserves the right to post with watermark, promote, and save a copy for portfolios.

Why do you watermark everything or upload low res images to social media?

-the answer is simple! So my art, or yours, doesn’t get stolen! How many times have you seen an ad for a rug, t-shirt, banner, tapestry, or wall art on social media? Guess what? They’re all stolen! International websites and other devious individuals “right click and save” artwork on artists social media for them to make merchandise out of and while their product may be cool, it’s stolen artwork and the artist see no money from it. I’ve even had phone cases or stickers made from tiny preview pics I’ve posted online. Stop it! We know you appreciate art, we know you want to use our art as your wallpaper, but fan artists are the robin hood of artists. We don’t have large company backing, nor the salary that goes with it and for the most part charge a nominal fee to create art for fans or draw just for fun and too often we have our art stolen and someone profits off of our idea. So watermarks, or pencils are placed over images posted to help save artwork from being stolen. It also helps you own a unique piece of art!

Do you require payment up front or offer a payment plan (half now/half later)

-Payment is REQUIRED for all commissions UP FRONT regardless! To put it briefly and bluntly, it’s too difficult to keep track of who has paid what and hunt them down for the remainder. For work to start and samples to be messaged, payment needs to be received first. You’re paying not only for the artwork but for the idea and creativity as well and I can’t have thumbnails and sketches sent to another artist to be finished and lose the gig.

Do you offer bulk rates/discounts?

-Absolutely! Work flow is important and especially if working on an order of multiple items of the same nature, so ordering in bulk is always suggested to receive the best quote. However, much like stated above, payment must be paid for ALL items UP FRONT to begin work. You can’t ask for a bulk discount and then just get one at a time because there’s no guarantee you come back for the remainder!

Do you offer line art options?

-That’s a tricky one and one I’ve learned a hard lesson on. If, per se, your idea is simply to have a black and white drawing or one color art for silkscreen, then yes! However, I use to offer a cheaper option for figure fans who just wanted black and white character art for their custom figures and would offer a small additional fee to have it colored and what ended up happening is people would get the cheaper option only to have it colored by someone else or colored themselves and then my work gets misrepresented and I just lost money because someone tried to swindle a cheaper option. So all art, regardless of finish or output, is now priced as a finished piece and by time. So as it stands right now, I no longer release or offer “line art” as I’ve seen multiple people take that line art and have it finished in multiple variations for merchandise just to get cheap work. That’s not to say you can’t use artwork I’ve created for your merchandise or business as that is encouraged and the point! You can take the image you commission and have it made into whatever you desire! You can’t however ask for a cheaper version or alter the artwork so you don’t have to commission multiple ideas!

The best answer to this question is, if you are trying to “get a deal” or “pull a fast one” to get extra work done that you don’t plan on paying the artist for you will be banned from future commissions. The best example I can give is: you don’t go to McDonald’s and ask to buy the ingredients wholesale just so you can make the burger yourself and then resell it to your friends for more than what you paid for.

What file formats do you use?

-I strictly work in JPEG/PNG! I do NOT have illustrator and haven’t had a need for “vector art” as I don’t plan on doing billboards any time soon. Work can be sized for anything you need via jpeg or with a transparent background or shaped image via png. If your printers/output provider asks for anything different, consider changing to a more updated service.

My image won’t upload or can’t be used in my online store? What do I do?

-unfortunately I’m pulling the artist card here. Once the item or artwork is delivered I can’t be tech support or figure out your website for you. If you have specific instructions (example: “I need a t-shirt”) I will design an image for you that you can be uploaded to a Direct to Garment process via PNG and sized by the industry standard 14×16″ format. Image size, output, and display need to be brought up PRIOR to artwork starting. Specific jobs (such as a banner for social media) may need particular pixel dimensions so please provide that information if you aren’t tech savvy enough to crop and reorient images yourself. For silkscreening I can provide a jpeg or png file for you to have color separated. I DO NOT prep for silkscreen. I provide artwork only.

Can I get a refund on artwork, or ask for revisions?

The industry standard on revisions is TWO revisions. Any more will require an additional fee. I realize a lot of people just want to “see how it looks” another way but again, I’ve had shifty clients save these images and get five image variations for the price of one! Each stage of the process I offer is by approval and once we move to the next stage, there’s no going back. So once you pick your idea from the thumbnails, drawing starts. You can’t have a redraw and pick the other option. Once drawing starts and inking begins you can’t go backwards and so on. Revision examples could be changing a font, color, orientation, or the like and apply to digital commissions only. Hand drawn and original art are done in my style and can not be altered. I DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS as time is spent on a project, and art supplies are insanely costly.

to put it plainly…

As the artist, I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone or any idea due to subject matter, artist availability, or the idea just not being in a style or an option that I can provide.

-while a lot of these “rules” and questions have seemed “harsh” it really is a much simpler process! I take pride in being easy to work with and provide a fun process with a quick turnaround! I only mention these issues from the few minor problems I’ve run into in the past that we can all learn from! So with that, please, feel free to contact me or add me on social media to get familiar with me, my style, and my work, and send me your idea!

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