How one name just wasn’t enough…

Born in San Jose, Jason Doyle was quickly moved to Nevada before it was decided he would be raised in Tacoma where he completed his degree in Graphic Design and Illustration at Pacific Lutheran University.

Art and creativity had always been a major part of his life, even from the very start where he would create things he didn’t have, draw what he saw on tv, and create his own characters from memory. His talent evolved through high school having designed numerous shirts, illustrated for the school paper, and painting murals at Curtis Senior High. Even in College he managed a custom T-shirt shop and designed shirts on the fly for guests at the Lakewood Mall while still illustrating for the university paper and tending to his studies.

Having moved back to Nevada after graduation he quickly found himself in the music scene and on stage and when asked what his name was… he stopped, thought, and replied with the only thing that popped into his head:

My name is Jason Wulf

Jason Wulf was merely an avatar, a created character in a wrestling game, but was surely more marketable than Doyle, which thanks to Adam Sandler, had been soiled as a last name. Jason Wulf could be cool, Jason Wulf could tour the world, and Jason Wulf did!

Having a successful music career and playing in every state had it’s joys but art was always his passion and he began drawing again and as technology evolved he rediscovered art. Photoshop would allow him to create, once again, what he didn’t have in the form of custom WWF Hasbro figures and the rest is history.

For over 10 years, after a viral roster poster flooded the wrestling communities, he created and drew every wrestler and person as their favorite wrestler until deciding it was time to hone his skills yet again for original art and with the rise in popularity of sketch cards and sketch covers he found a new home for his art.

Jason Wulf had been known for his music, crazy antics, and being an all around jerk while gaining fandom in the wrestling circles. Secretly, his childhood passion for surf art and cartoons brought him to create LukoTiki, an outlet for Steve Nazar inspired artwork. Rekindling his love for custom figures, he learned mold making and resin casting and created Wulf’s Chop Shop and an instructional YouTube channel. Most recently he has created Tuskadork, a larger than life character and an outlet for drawing fandoms outside of wrestling.

So after hundreds of custom WWF Hasbro drawings, a multitude of podcast shirts, a plethora of sketch cards, a smattering of sketch covers, and more rasslers than you can shake a stick at, Jason Doyle reemerges as the mastermind behind it all, who ended up self taught regardless of schooling, and is here to share his talent in many different ways.

Jason currently resides in Las Vegas Nevada with his Belgian Malinois Freya and spends most of his personal time watching military aircraft and plane spotting, gaming, collecting every figure under the sun, and talking about himself in third person.

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